BQ24707A 24707A BQ07A

Brand new BQ24707x 1-4 Cell Li+ Battery SMBus Charge Controller With Independent Comparator and Advanced Circuit Protection

The bq24707 and bq24707A devices are high efficiency, synchronous battery chargers, offering low component count for space-constrained, multi-chemistry battery charging applications. SMBus controlled input current, charge current, and charge voltage DACs allow for very high regulation accuracies that can be easily programmed by the system power management micro-controller.


  • AC Adapter Operating Range 5 V to 24 V
  • 15-µA Off-State Battery Discharge Current
  • ACOK Delay Default 1.2 ms
  • 20-pin 3.5 mm × 3.5 mm QFN Package



    Category: Charging IC, QFN-20

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