LeakyMosfet Laptop Repair Training

Our laptop repair training is a unique training program that aims to empower the participants to easily learn and apply our proven methods and techniques for repairing hardware/firmware-related laptop problems.

Who is this training for?

LeakyMosfet Laptop Repair Training is designed for educators, IT professionals, repair shop owners, TV technicians, aspiring laptop repair technicians. 

Upon completion of the training program and application of the methodologies we provide, trainees will be able to speed-up the troubleshooting process, accurately identify faulty components, reliably repair/fix laptop issues with less backjobs .

What do I learn from this training?

  • Correctly identify components
  • Accurately test laptop components
  • Learn how to use GRP to troubleshoot laptop quickly
  • Learn how to use 3SR to isolate faulty components
  • Learn how to perform pattern-based testing for testing components on-board
  • Master the use of schematic diagram and/or boardview in laptop troubleshooting
  • Conduct voltage analysis to confirm that the voltage readings are correct.
  • Understand the power sequence and be able apply this concept to day to day laptop troubleshooting.
  • Perform safe voltage injection and identification of shorted and leaky components quickly.
  • Utilize test points on various laptop sockets/connectors.
  • and many more....

# of Hours:

  • 32 hours

Training Fee

  • 16,000.00

Incidental Expenses

  • Php2,000.00 - Php8,000.00 (Applies to training locations outside Cabanatuan City)
  • Php0.00 for Online Training and Training Sessions conducted at our location.

    If you are a serious laptop repair technician and would like to learn more, please contact us via FB or contact us via this numbers - 09171266657, 09472503183 and get your FREE ASSESSMENT NOW!


    • Module 1 (4-8 hours) 
      • Laptop Testpoints
      • Proper use of Schematic Diagram
      • How to use Boardviewer w/ boardview files
      • Laptop Power Sequence, IC Regulator Test Points, Voltage Injection, Power Block Diagram, etc.)
    • Module 2 (4-8 hours)
      • Pattern-Based Testing(New)
      • Circuit Familiarization & Analysis
      • Common Laptop Problems & Solutions
      • Effective methods of Identifying Shorted/Leaky Components
      • Proper Voltage Injection
    • Module 3 (4-8 hours)
      • Legacy BIOS/UEFI Firmware Extraction from EXE/Zip File
      • UEFI ME/TXE Region Cleaning
      • Replacement of Corrupted UEFI BIOS Region Repair
      • Editing/Copying of Legacy BIOS/UEFI Firmware Information
    • Module 4 (4-8 hours) - 
      • Hands-On Step-by-Step Laptop Board Repair


      • One (1) Year Support
      • Inclusion to our Private Support Group (VIP Account)
      • PDF Training Reference Materials (150 pages+ )
      • Over 30GB Schematic Diagrams + Laptop/Desktop Boardview + BIOS Dump 
      • Laptop Repair Guides
      • Software Tools for Laptop Repair
      • Training Certificate & Complementary LeakyMosfet T-Shirt

      Training Fee & Incidental Expenses:

      • Incidental expenses (applicable for training location outside LeakyMosfet office are to be shouldered by Trainees)

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