Advanced Laptop Repair Training

Our laptop repair training is a unique program that aims to empower the participants to easily learn and apply our proven methods and techniques for repairing firmware and hardware-related laptop issues.

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# of Hours:

  • 32 hours

Training Fee

  • 16,000.00

Incidental Expenses

  • Php2,000.00 - Php8,000.00 (Applies to training locations outside Cabanatuan City)


  • Troubleshoot laptop motherboard quickly and accurately.
  • Fix BIOS issues which account for at least 40% of the laptop problems.
  • Identify common laptop circuits regardless of laptop models.
  • Understand laptop power sequence
  • Read schematic diagram and perform circuit analysis
  • Identify problem with charging circuits and be able to fix them.
  • Understand laptop power-on condition and why it won't turn on even if all voltages rails are present.
  • 16 hours of lecture and and 16 hours of hands-on repair, a total of 32 hours
  • Identify leaks and shorts in the motherboard with high accuracy.
  • And many more....

If you are a serious laptop repair technician and would like to learn more, please contact us via FB or contact us via this numbers - 09954088202, 09472503183 and get your free assessment now!


  • Module 1 (4-8 hours) 
    • On-board/Off-board Component Testing, Schematic Diagram, Laptop Power Sequence, IC Regulator Test Points, Voltage Injection, Power Block Diagram, etc.)
  • Module 2 (4-8 hours)
    • Advanced Laptop Repair Techniques (Circuit Analysis & Familiarization, Troubleshooting, Laptop Problems & Solutions, Signal Tracing, Identifying Leaky Components and Proper Voltage Injection, etc.)
  • Module 3 (4-8 hours)
    • BIOS Extraction, Cleaning, Repair and Reconstruction (Extract BIOS from EXE, decrypt password, split firmware, Clean ME region, Edit HP DMI Information, etc.)
  • Module 4 (4-8 hours) - 
    • Hands-On Step-by-Step Laptop Board Repair
  • Module 5 (16 hours) - soon!
    • BGA Chip Lifting/Removal
    • BGA Chip Cleaning & Reballing
    • BGA Chip Attachment


  • One (1) Year Support
  • Inclusion to Private Support Group (VIP Account)
  • PDF Training Reference Materials (150 pages+ )
  • Schematic Diagrams 
  • Laptop/Desktop Boardview Files
  • BIOS Dump 
  • Software Tools for Laptop Repair 
  • Training Certificate

Optional paid resources:

  • Macbook EFI Password Unlock Software
  • Lenovo Stock Firmware Collection
  • HP Stock Firmware Collection
  • Acer Stock Firmware Collection
  • Dell Stock Firmware Collection
  • Toshiba Stock Firmware Collection

Training Fee & Incidental Expenses:

  • Incidental expenses (applicable for training location outside LeakyMosfet office are to be shouldered by Trainees)

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