RT8239 8239 JC= QFN-20

Brand new RT8239 QFN-20

The RT8239A/B/C is a dual step down, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller which generates logic supply voltages for battery powered systems. It includes two Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers adjustable from 2V to 5.5V and also two fixed 5V/3.3V linear regulators. One of the controllers (LDO5) provides automatic switch over to the BYP1 input connected to the main SMPS1 output for maximized efficiency. An optional external charge pump can be monitored through SECFB (RT8239B/C). Other features include on board power up sequencing, a power good output, internal softstart, and a soft discharge output that prevents negative voltage during shutdown.

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  • 5.5V to 25V Input Voltage Range
  • 2V to 5.5V Output Voltage Range
  • No Current Sense Resistor Needed
  • 5V/3.3V Linear Regulators z 4700ppm/°C RDS(ON) Current Sensing
  • Internal Current Limit Soft-Start and Soft Discharge Output
  • Built In OVP/UVP/OCP
  • Selectable Operation Mode with Switcher Enable Control (RT8239A)
  • SECFB Input Maintains Charge Pump Voltage (RT8239B/C)
  • Power Good Indicator (RT8239B/C includes SECFB)
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free



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