BiosCreator USB Edition + CH341 SPI Programmer Bundle (Philippines Only)


BiosExtractor let you create a stock firmware in LESS THAN 1 MINUTE without you having to learn and the complicated stuff of bios editing.

Repair those hard to fix "no power", "no display" and "auto shutdown" issues;)

Downloaded dump bios does not seems to work? Frustrated because it's so difficult to get the bin file out of the bios update utilities from manufacturer websites?  BiosExtractor highlights ease of use.  All operations are done via drag and drop.  

Need additional information? You can visit BiosExtractor Support Forum or contact us via FB Message.


Please note that the purchase of BiosCreator License is final and strictly no refunds! If you are unsure, download and try the trial version and explore the features first to evaluate if it satisfies your requirement. If you do not like this policy, then please do not purchase this software. Software licenses are non-refundable, regardless of the reasons.

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Installation Guide:

  • Download the user guide and BiosCreator application.
  • Follow the setup wizard. 

Additional Note:

Existing  BiosCreator v2.0 users may purchase upgrade version to use BiosCreator v2.1.4 

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Version History

- added support for Bios Info in Acer, supporting most models
- added support for Bios Info for Asus, supporting most models
- addes support for Bios Info for HP Spectre and Pavilion
- fixed issue with acer bios info not recognizing wistron firmware
- added support for stock firmware extraction for LG
- added support for Lenovo direct download of stock firmware if backup firmware version is known.
- added BiosInfo support for Lenovo
- added BiosInfo support for Toshiba
- added support for chromebook unlock(tested to work in acer chromebook)
- fixed issue #99 - Unable to extract Acer 4745G F/W
- fix with license information logs not properly aligned
- added support for auto update (need to convert licensing from license file to license registry key)
- improved me/txe cleaning function
- code cleanup, performance enhancement
- fixed issue #74 - Unable to extract Ideapad 3-15ARE05
- fixed issue #73 - Unable to extract Dell Inspiron 22-3277
- fixed issue #72 - Firmware upgrade does not work
- fixed issue #69 - error extracting Acer 3935
- fixed issue #68 - Unable to extract stock firmware for HP 14-DQ1037WM
- remove support for hardware-locked PC in v2.1.4
- improved UI, now uses tab control to seggregate similar utilities
- implemented downloading of samsung firmware
- copying of DMI information from HP backup firmware to stock firmware
- improved/added link to forum and online guide
- fixed extraction of acer zip file where exe files are included in the output dir
- implemented FD region repair tool. It's now possible to fix corrupted FD region, backup firmware is needed to make this work.
- refactored Windows license key tool, added validation
- added tooltips for all buttons
- fixed issue when drag-drop is not working. Now, simply "double-click" or "right-click-> open" the drag-drop control to manually open file.
- HEX view is now available to see the content of the file, "right-click -> view"
- Toshiba stock firmware extraction is now available
- Added support for for fixing System Bios with incorrect size (e.g., 8193kB to be corrected to 8192kB)
- MSI firmware extraction tool is implemented.
- master password generation tool is now fully implemented.
- improved bios region from cap file, now supports lenovo, dell and acer (for both laptops and desktop PCs)
- added ECS firmware extraction tool for desktop
- added lenovo supervisor password
- more bug fixes and stability improvement
- added online update
- fix issues with licensing, now supports online activation and deactivation
- Improved detection of DELL BIOS update utility
- Improved backend services to improve quality enhancement
- added unlock for HP Elitebook, probook and zbook
- added support for extracting the newer Toshiba bios update in EXE format.
- added support to extract newer asus bios update exe file
- added EMC info
- fixed issue #35 Acer Z1401 not being extracted
- fixed invalid and unrecognized firmware when cleaning
- can now extract firmware in HP probook where fimrware is compressed inside rom.cab
- fixed issue #27 - Unable to extract hp firmware hp 14-ce0043tx
- fixed issue #26 - Add a button to load the license file
- fixed issue #24 - Add "Registered" status in startup, to indicate product is registered and supported
- fixed issue #25 - Unable to extract HP 840 G1 Firmware
- fixed issue #22 - Add a reset config
- fixed issue #28 - Added logo branding
- fixed isue #9 - Support newer HP firmware to autorun when detected
- added the capability to extract EC from system bios for ITE SIO
- fixed issue with ME Cleaning error
- removed dialog in ME region cleaning
- fixed issue with ME region cleaning where file is saved in temp folder
- fixed naming issue in ME/TXE custom cleaning in Dell.
- fixed hp where binfile inside rompaq can't be extracted
- added option to use more advanced ME/TXE detection/identification
- added support for resizing EC firmware up to 1024KB
- added new feature to change windows license key
- re-implemented the ME/TXT region cleaning engine with more stable ones
- ME Cleaning is now more accurate, because it can exactly match the correct ME region to use
- fixes LogLevel.Debug color not properly seen in log file
- BiosCreator can now be installed anywhere ;)
- fixed a bug that broke the hp decryption functionality
- fixed issue with HP BID# being displayed even if the file is encrypted.
- fixed splitting of EC and BIOS throwing an exception when a file is not loaded.
- added bios cleaning with custom ME region
- fixed bug where cleaning of ME region fails to save

- created stub for icloud removal in macbook
- added feature to dell bios extractor where packaging utilizes InsydeFlash
- refactored Dell bios extractor, removed 'others' option
- fixed bug in Lenovo where innosetup is not extracted
- fixed bugs in lenovo extraction where bin file is InsydeFlash
- fixed a bug in Lenovo extraction where CAP file embeds EC firmware inside System BIOS
- fixed a bug in Lenovo extraction where packaged EXE is in InsydeFlash format
- fixed file monitor service which simplifies getting bin file out of temp folder
- InsydeFlashService now extracts file more accurately. Size is now obtained from the header
- fixed issue with InysdeFlashService when EC firmware is not found
- added support for extracing Sony VAIO Package Manager
- added support for removing 2kb Asus CAP header
- fixed issue with IOC not instantiating new object
- added extraction of BID# and version information for HP FIRMWARE
- added capability to replace corrupted BIOS REGION w/ validation (useful for creating Asus stock firmware)
- Refactor AppleService
- fixes bug in HPService where file is not decrypted properly
- fixed a bug in LenovoService being unable to extract a package (e.g. lenovo 330-14ikb)
- added feature to replace bios region for creating asus and dell stock firmware (not fully tested) or fixing corrupted bios region.
- fixed licensing implementation
- improved UI in ME/TXE Repair
- bug fixes and refactoring
- added the ability to display macbook serial number
- added feature to change macbook serial number
- fixed dell not showing filename when dragged to extractor
- EFI password for Macbooks prior to 2011 can now be decoded.
- Support for Dell extraction w/ ME + BIOS Region
- Now supports ME/TXE Region cleaning

BiosExtractor supports Acer, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Sony VAIO



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