3.5-45X 22MP Simul-Focal Trinocular Microscope

Boom Stand

3.5-45X 22MP Simul-Focal Trinocular Microscope Single Boom Stand HDMI USB Camera Soldering for Repair Mobile Phone Tool


 Plug and see,no need special knowledge,and you can check the small parts by eyepiece;

  • 7X-45X Continuous Zoom Power Microscope; 
  • Plug and see,no need special knowledge,and you can check the small parts by eyepiece;
  • No need connect many wire like others,just connect power and Video cable, then you can use the microscope.


  • Built-in Reduction Lens Provides the Same Field of View on Screen as Through Eyepiece 
  • Top quality optical glass elements
  • Zoom range 7x~45x
  • Long working distance allows enough operation space
  • 45°inclined 360°rotatable trinocular head
  • 35 Pounds Heavy Duty Boom Mount with X & Y Axis Adjustable
  • Versatile Multi-height Adjustable Base Mount
  • Sharp erect stereo images over a wide field view
  • Both ocular tubes have diopter adjustment
  • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance to fit anyone\'s eyes
  • Sharp Stereo Erect Images over a Wide Field View
  • Crystal Clear Original True Color Images
  • Both Ocular-Tubes with Adjustable Diopter
  • Heavy Duty Cast Metal Boom Stand Finished with Stain Resistant Enamel
  • Sturdy metal framework
  • Head: 45°Inclined 360°rotatable trinocular
  • Eyepieces: wide field WF10X/20MM
  • Zoom ratio: 1:6.4
  • Objective zoom: 0.7x~4.5x
  • Total magnification: 7x~45
  • Both ocular tubes have diopter adjustment ±5dp
  • Interpupillary distance: 2-3/16" ~ 2-15/16"(55~75mm)
  • Working distance:100mm
  • Focus adjustment stroke: 2-3/8" (50mm)

Camera Description:


  • Sensor Panasonic:22 MegaPixel, 22 Million Pixels CMOS
  • Optical format:1/2.3 inch
  • pixel size:1.335μm x1.335μm
  • Interface:HDMI(Type A).USB(Type B).TF Card
  • Image resolution:21MegaPixel
  • Video record resolution:2K@30FPS 1080p@60FPS
  • HDMI resoltion:1920*1080p 60FPS
  • Can output with USB at the same time
  • HDMI scale:Support 4:3,16:9,16:10 screen
  • USB2.0(Drive free):1920*1080@30FPS 1280*720@30FPS 640*480@30FPS
  • Can output with HDMI at the same time
  • TF card:MAX 64GB
  • AWB:WB color correction/Auto/Manual
  • R.G.B value setting independent
  • Exposure:Auto/Manual.AE value can set
  • Cross lines:8lines.Can set color& width& position
  • Scale mark lines:2lines.
  • Dotted lines:2lines.Can set color& width& position
  • Sharpness Contrast Color gain:Support
  • Mono Negative:Support
  • Mirror:Horizontal vertical mirror
  • Language:English/simplified Chinese
  • Digital Zoom:Support
  • IR remoter:Support
  • Voltage in:DC 12V 55-21mm size
  • Power consumption:MAX 0.15W  12V,0.12A


 Package Include:  

  • 1x Trinocular stereo microscope with heavy single boom Stand;
  • 1x 22MP CMOS Microscope Camera with HDMI,USB Cable and LED Dimmer;
  • 1x Microscope Power; 
  • 1 pair of WF10X/20mm eyepiece with rubber eye guards. 
  • 1x 0.5x Auxiliar LENS
  • 1x 1.0x Auxiliar LENS


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